A menu QR code has made its way into restaurants and bars all around the world. But what’s all the fuss about? What is the purpose of a menu QR code for restaurants?

With the reopening of pubs and restaurants following the lockdown, considerable alterations in normal operations have occurred. As a result, interactive restaurant menu QR code software is a useful tool in maintaining a smooth restaurant operation without the risk of contamination.

Regulations have been put in place for dine-in establishments, and social distance is still practiced among these establishments to avoid virus transmission.

Some of the ways restaurants and bars are securely reopening is by making their menus contactless, which helps to prevent virus spread by decrease the quantity of hand menu exchanges that can possibly cross-contaminate.

How to create a menu QR code using a QR code generator?

You may build 3 QR code solutions for a touchless menu QR code for restaurants using a QR code generator, which include QR code solutions such as a PDF, JPEG, and H5 editor.

The Menu QR code category includes PDF and Jpeg QR codes, while the H5 editor is a separate solution that allows you to create a personalized landing page for your menu without purchasing a domain or hosting.

When you create a menu using a PDF QR or Jpeg QR code, guests can view it digitally, making it a contactless menu.

In Dynamic QR code, you can create a QR code for your restaurant’s menu.

How to create a menu QR code using an interactive restaurant menu QR code software?

Using interactive restaurant menu QR code software to create a QR code for a menu is not the same as using a QR code generator.

An end-to-end service provider for restaurants is interactive restaurant menu QR code software, which includes a custom-made website and a customisable QR code menu.

The procedures for making a menu QR code utilizing interactive restaurant menu QR code software are outlined below.

  1. Create an account with an interactive restaurant menu QR code software and sign up.
  2. Go to Stores and give your store a name.
  3. Make your menu into a QR code.
  4. Determine the number of tables that will be used.
  5. Increase the number of users and administrators in your stores.
  6. Make a meal list and a menu with categories.
  7. Modifiers should be included.
  8. Create a one-of-a-kind website for your restaurant.
  9. Return to the Store and download your QR code, which you should place on each table.
  10. Keep track of orders. Be sure to oversee the orders in the dashboard.

Interactive restaurant menu QR code software lets your restaurant increase exposure, improve customer service, and boost sales

With the correct menu software, creating, publishing, and operating an interactive menu on a menu board is simple.

Using digital menu software to create a mobile version of an existing desktop menu or a totally new digital version not only makes the process simple but also economical, thanks to the cost savings from eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming upfront design work.

Add mobile engagement to your bar or restaurant to increase sales! You may convert normal paper menus into mobile-friendly digital menus with a simple scan of the personalized menu QR code on the table using digital menu software.

Potential customers need to scan a menu QR code with their phone to gain fast access to the menu, where they can place, modify, and complete their orders.

The dashboard allows restaurants to keep track of the orders that are coming in. Using the client details report, you may run promotions on your restaurant’s website and contact your customers with email campaigns and push notifications.

Overall, digital menu software is a restaurant’s best friend when it comes to maintaining their menu, developing branded QR codes, and managing their table reservation system all in one place.


In the near future, digital menus made with customisable QR code software are expected to rise. QR codes for restaurant payments are also expected to grow in popularity.

While pandemic restrictions are still unstable, businesses are seeking new and innovative ways to stay afloat.

Amidst in the ongoing battle of the pandemic, tight restrictions and safeguards, such as generating a menu QR code for a contactless interaction, have been introduced as restaurants steadily reopen in various regions of the world.

As a result, interactive restaurant menu QR code software is an end-to-end service provider that can meet all of your restaurant’s needs, from running your business smoothly to creating menu QR codes for customers to scan.

The answer to your restaurant’s call is interactive restaurant menu QR code software. Give the best customer service and show off your culinary prowess.


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